Additional Programs

Through courtroom advocacy and connection to community resources, we strengthen families and forever improve the home lives of children.

While our CASA program is at the core of what we do, it stops short of filling the needs of our community outside of the courtroom. 

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Children who are removed from their parents are often placed with a relative or fictive kin instead of in foster care. This can place a strain on that family and often they need additional support. Never Lost helps assess the situation. Our staff helps by attending school meetings to help get the child back on track educationally, look for insurance or other benefits they may be eligible for, and help the child acclimate to their new environment providing things like clothing, bedding, and emergency needs like food assistance and utilities.

We also plan “kids nights” to give a much needed break to the temporary guardians and expose the children to healthy activities with other children and adults. The children who are served by this program also have the benefit of extracurricular activities like camps, swimming lessons, mentorships, and enrichment activities provided by Never Lost. We work hard to make sure the child stays safe in their temporary family environment.


Our house at 1835 Smith Avenue in Thomasville is a hub for connecting community resources with children and families in need. We can provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can grow and play, feel connected, and engage with supportive adults and other children. Our work helps parents maintain a bond with their child while they are separated. We are able to provide a place where parents and children can safely visit with each other through structured play and programming designed for healthy interactions and growth. In our house, we are able to create positive relationships and build social skills that will help the children succeed. We are also able to spend time with children and uncover their interests and talents. During a structured play program, we discovered 3 children who were naturally gifted in gymnastics and a group of siblings who needed swim lessons. We were able to partner with the YMCA and provide these children with the opportunity to grow and interact. We are currently recruiting Never Lost volunteers to serve as mentors and help with events and programming. 

Our Values



We use the court system to give a voice to children who cannot speak for themselves.



Giving up is not an option. We celebrate progress and push for outcomes. Our goal is always to achieve permanency in the best place for each individual child.



We have a deep concern for the lives of children and families in our community.



We have high and due regard for the rights, beliefs and traditions of others. We show respect for families, parents, children and caregivers and their relationships with each other.