Together, we can build stronger communities.

Together, we can build stronger communities.

Volunteer with us

Our kids need you! Advocating for children in foster care comes in many shapes and sizes. Your financial support, your time, and your voice are all ways to help. Together, we can build stronger communities, create stable futures, and change the trajectories of generational family struggles.

Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate®

Our Casa Kids program is a foundational aspect of Never Lost.

As a Court Appointed Special Advocate®, you will play an invaluable role in a child or young adult’s life by being the eyes and ears of the court.

Why volunteer?

I’m a CASA volunteer to help children in our community. I have close relatives in Alabama who serve as foster parents, and I have seen first-hand the need for advocates for the children.

Heather Lindquist, Volunteer

I volunteer my time and energy to help these children who did not grow up with a home as ours and who may need an adult to walk alongside them.

Jackie Walter, Volunteer

I am a proponent of both society protecting children while also recognizing the constitutional rights and liberties of parents in raising their own children. When family situations arise where the child’s safety and welfare are endangered, society should have safeguards in place for the benefit of such children, as well as programs to assist families.

Holli Rossi, Volunteer